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  • SAR crisis in the Mediterranean – commercial vessels rescue thousandsSAR crisis in the Mediterranean – commercial vessels rescue thousands
    March 2015
    The humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean Sea is spiraling out of control. Thousands of people lost their lives during 2014 while attempting to cross the Mediterranean from North Africa. There is a risk of further catastrophic losses of life as more desperate people attempt this dangerous sea crossing. John Haynes (RIB & High Speed Craft Directory) reports on this dire situation - and calls on vessels in the area to remain vigilant...
  • US Air Force Rescue: “Cloud-based collaboration tools would really help”US Air Force Rescue: “Cloud-based collaboration tools would really help”
    February 2015
    The US Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) is charged with coordinating all civil search and rescue, routine search and rescue, and all the way up to mass rescue situations covering 48 states (not including Alaska and Hawaii). It is also charged with working with search and rescue (SAR) partners, from Canada in the north to Mexico and the Caribbean in the south. Ahead of the Search and Rescue Europe event, Lieutenant Colonel Ian Kemp, the Center’s commander, took some time to speak with Defence IQ about the priorities and technological gaps when it comes to saving lives…
  • MH370 disappearance proves that maritime search capabilities “need to be reviewed”MH370 disappearance proves that maritime search capabilities “need to be reviewed”
    January 2015
    The past twelve months – and indeed the past year few years – have seen their share of large-scale Search and Rescue (SAR) efforts across the international landscape in spite of them being generally rare within the scope of ‘normal’ SAR incidents. Of course, most recently, accidents involving large aircraft and ship incidents have been dominating the headlines, with maritime and aeronautical rescue operations under heavy demand. David Jardine-Smith of the International Maritime Rescue Federation helps us to understand what needs to be improved for mass rescue...


  • Rescuing lives in the harshest environmentsRescuing lives in the harshest environments
    November 2013
    Search and Rescue (SAR) and aeromedical forces worldwide are united by the common goal of being fast onto the scene and ensuring safe passage from harm to all victims stranded in the most undesirable of circumstances. While difficult enough on the surface, those who operate in the most extreme climates often have not just a more urgent need to decrease their response time – given the environmental hazards to the victims – but also far less opportunity to benefit from local infrastructure and assistance. Further confounding the issue is that many of these less inhabitable environments exist in troubled political regions, adding a further element of violence to the list of threats and thereby making some of these operations the most daring of all...

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